Wining & Dining - Burggarten Appartements

Original and authentic - cuisine in the Palatinate

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They are Celtic not Germanic: you hear that all the time in the Palatinate. Indeed, their zest for life is unbounded as is their joy in the fine things in life. Good food and drinks have a special importance. In the Palatinate region, we know how to celebrate life. 

From upscale restaurants to wine taverns - quality is the decisive criterion. Putting together a "best-of" list would be almost impossible. So, for our recommendations, we concentrated on accessibility.  

The following restaurants are no farther than 30 km by car. The list does not represent a ranking in quality but is ordered according to the distance from the Burggarten Appartements. This means that the first restaurants and inns can be reached on foot.

Of course, there are also the countless wine and winery festivals. For the best overview, we invite you to use the app "All wine festivals in the Palatinate" (available only in German) on your mobile phone.


Wining and dining as an expression of pure joie de vivre

Our top tips in Neuleiningen and the surroundings

Rhineland-Palatinate wine country

Our recommendation for special wineries

We would like to especially recommend several wineries.

On your behalf, we have sampled wines and found the following wineries to be exceptionally good: