Location - Burggarten Appartements

Sun-kissed with an ideal climate - Neuleiningen in the Palatinate region


Mediterranean lifestyle meets a delightful lightness

View of the Burggarten Appartements from the valley

Almond trees, lemon and fig trees, pines, cypresses, and chestnuts. You wouldn't expect those here, but they are actually right at home in the Palatinate region. The climate is mild, even Mediterranean. Even springs starts earlier here than elsewhere with almond blossoms in March that immerse the entire landscape in a celestial pink.  

This is a climate perfect for exceptionally good wine. The Romans planted the first grape vines around 2000 years ago. To this day, the grape vine characterizes the region. The German Wine Route is over 80 km long, and Neuleiningen is located right in the middle of it. 

Located on an elevation on the Haardtrand, Neuleiningen looks down on the entire Rhine Valley plain. The historic townscape casts a spell with its traditional charm. The majestic castle from the 13th century is still impressive even in ruins, and here by the lower tower on the remains of the old town walls, you will find the Burggarten Appartements.

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