History - Burggarten Appartements

Historic walls in a new splendor


Where love takes you, that's where you should stay…

Everything began in 2012. Professional reasons led Michael Wiessler, born in Carinthia, to the Palatinate. Of course, he had already heard about the region, especially as a fan of Riesling. Many people told him that it was supposed to be very beautiful there, and then he saw the reality: the indescribable landscape, the wonderful Wine Route, where there is one wine village after another, and a touch of the Mediterranean. And then there are the people and their laissez-faire and their unpretentious handling of the beautiful things in life. Genuine. Authentic. He probably wasn't looking for this originality, but he found it, and it changed everything.


Here to stay …

Love follows its own path, sometimes a winding one, sometimes a straight one. In this case, the fast one was the right one. Michael had fallen in love with the region. A few months after his first stay in the Palatinate, he returned, this time with his wife and child. It quickly became clear that the life of the Weissensteiner-Wiessler family would change, because the Palatinate also stole the heart of Ines, hotel professional and native of Carinthia.


One of the most beautiful spots in the world

Together, they found a house, which had been empty for years, with a completely overgrown garden. Perhaps it was the wonderful redwood tree on the terrace. Maybe it was the old wall anchors, which were testaments to the year the house was built in 1829, or maybe it was simply the breathtaking view from up above over the entire Rhine Valley plain. The fact is: buying the house was a decision that took only a few seconds.  

Considering the condition of the building at that time, many were surprised by their purchase. However, for Ines and Michael, all they saw was the former splendor. Restoring it was their goal. Numerous additions and reconstruction had adulterated the original building form. After consulting with the historic preservation agency, they began to strip down the building to its original form. Magnificent timbered-framed walls, rustic earthen plaster and wooden beam ceilings, and many other architectural elements in the house interior were revealed. 

The renovation began in September 2015. In order to restore the old beauty of the house and allow it to shine in a new splendor, local, natural materials, high-quality craftsmanship, and architects specializing in historically-protected buildings were needed. Together with architects Annette and Wolfgang Barthel, it was possible to carefully transform the old, run-down building into the stylish Burggarten Appartements in 2 years. Particularly thanks to the work of Jan Hax Halama and his  inspiring support and help regarding the interior design concept.

During the entire revitalization process, the priority was the well-being of the guests and the cozy, home-like atmosphere. This was our main objective, which you can feel throughout the house and which awarded us with the categorization as 5-star apartments.