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Neuleiningen and the surroundings


A landscape characterized by magnificent vineyards, a rich history, and cultural heritage

If you look up from the Rhine plain to the edge of the Haardtgebirge, you will see the town on the mountain ledge. Churches, walls, towers, and houses are closely snuggled up right against one another. It's as though you took a leap through time and landed in the Middle Ages. Of course, it isn't the Middle Ages; this is Neuleiningen in the present. This almost 800 year old village with its castle is picturesque and without comparison. The castle, which can be seen from a distance, was built in the first half of the 13th century. Even though in ruins, the structure is still exceedingly impressive. It is surrounded by houses, some of which have timbered facades. The village, with its alleyways running parallel to the hillside and the connecting narrow lanes with steps, developed at the same time as the castle and all the surrounding town walls.

Today, Neuleiningen has around 900 residents including the younger hamlets of Neuleiningen-Tal, St. Nikolaussiedlung, In den Schelmenäckern, and Neuleiningen-Nackterhof. Neuleiningen locals are proud of their hometown, and they accordingly tend to it with a love for detail and great respect for its history. It's no wonder that Neuleiningen has been distinguished several times for its careful restoration.


Must-see sights include


Ueberschaer's Delicatessen

Our neighbor Tobias Ueberschaer runs a delicatessen supply company that is a must-see. Along with Palatinate specialties, you will find the sensational Ueberschaer jams here. For these homemade treats, he mostly uses fruit from his own garden. Brown sugar, pure apple pectin, and special recipes create jams that are pure poetry. 
My favorite: caramelized apricots -

Ueberschaer Goldsmith Shop

Valuable, beautiful, and unique: you will find pieces of jewelry completely handmade from fine metals and precious stones by master goldsmith Tobias Ueberschaer. These are timelessly beautiful pieces of lasting worth. In the studio next door, you will find Renate Pukis with her inspiring jewelry collection!

Shops in the Palatinate

If you are looking for a souvenir from the Palatinate region, visit the Leininger Auktionshaus (auction house) on the Mittelgasse: 

› Tours in the historic castle and wine village
› Visit to the Museum an der Münze in Leiningerland

For village and museum tours, please contact:
Hildegund Rixner, Tel.: 0049 6359 2796
Gerhard Huwar, Tel.: 0049 6359 84821

Bad Dürkheim

The district capital is a spa and wine town along the German Wine Route. Bad Dürkheim is known not only for the largest wine festival in the world but also for the largest wine barrel. Capable of holding a volume of 1.7 millions liters, the "Dürkheimer Fass" is the largest in the world. Today, the "Giant Barrel" - how could it be called otherwise - houses a wine tavern. The classical Kurhaus on the Schlossplatz, St. Ludwig Parish Church, the Wurstmarkt fountain on the Bahnhofsplatz, Limburg Abbey above the town, the Hardenburg Castle, and the Teufelsstein (devil's rock), a Celtic sacrificial stone altar, are also well worth seeing.

› Wurstmarkt on the 2nd and 3rd weekends in September
› Ungstein Wine Festival at the Römerkelter in summer, Germany's largest wine festival


The historic part of town with its lovely narrow lanes and the well-preserved town wall including its mighty towers is wonderful. This picturesque town is a successful example of a lovingly and carefully restored townscape. The modern is included without destroying the old and traditional, which gives the town its unique character. You should also visit the casino tower, which is used as a theater today. The Von-Busch-Hof, the Retzerhaus, the historic town hall, and the Catholic St. Peter and Paul Church are also worth a visit.

› Historic town tours and vineyard hikes
› Golfgarten Deutsche Weinstraße: the golf club is located nearby in Dackenheim.

Weisenheim am Berg

This special village is located between the Palatinate Forest and the vineyards along the Rhine plain. Weisenheim am Berg is a traditional wine village with around 1,800 residents. Even though it has grown considerably in the past decades, it has maintained its charm as a top wine village. Located away from the main road, Weisenheim am Berg offers nature and space for relaxation.

› Visit to the Protestant and Catholic churches
› Worth seeing - the historic townscape


The town of Wachenheim with its almost 5000 residents is one of the most renowned wine villages in the Palatinate region. Here, you will be pampered with superb wines, sparkling wines, and culinary specialties. The region is also wonderful for exploring on foot or by bike - a pure nature experience. Or you can set out in search of the exciting history of Wachenheim.

› Absolute must-sees are the Kurpfalzpark, open-air museum with the Villa Rustica, a Roman estate from the 2nd century, Kellereimuseum (tour of the cellars) in the Sektkellerei Schloss Wachenheim, historic smithy, and Wachtenburg.


This wine-growing town is located 3 km southwest of Freinsheim, and it is surrounded by the famous Saumagen vineyard. So, in the Palatinate, not only can you eat Saumagen, but you can also drink it. Overall, Kallstadt stands out with its diverse cuisine. In the small town, there are around 20 restaurants, from a simple wine tavern to an upscale gourmet restaurant. Here, there is one delicious eatery after another. 

› Visit to the Bismarck Tower, synagogue, and ancient Roman villa


Since the 8th century, this climatic health resort has lived off of wine, fruit, and vegetable cultivation. Deidesheim is famous for its festival with its billy goat auction. Since 1404, this event has taken place every Tuesday after Pentecost. You should also visit the market square with the Altes Rathaus (old town hall) and Museum of Wine Culture, the Catholic St. Ulrich Church, and the Andreasbrunnen ("Andrew's Fountain"). The wonderful castle garden at the former bishop's palace is perfect for a leisurely walk.

› Festival with billy goat auction after Pentecost
› Deidesheimer Weinkerwe (art, culture, wine) every 2nd and 3rd weekend in August

Palatia Jazz

During the Palatia Jazz festival, world-renowned jazz artists, interesting newcomers, and regional performers play at the most beautiful historic venues in the Palatinate region. The famous festival has taken place every summer since 1997. Experience jazz, world music, jazz rock, and jazz pop as well as a combination of classical music and jazz. 

You can also occasionally hear the exciting crossover of classical music and jazz at the Wachenheim Serenades. Whether in wine cellars, churches, or the ruins of the Wachtenburg – enjoy chamber music in exceptional places with exceptional orchestration.


The historic Jewish quarter of Worms, the historic Protestant section of Worms, the imperial cathedral - the Nibelungen city on the Rhine has many fascinating aspects that are worth exploring. For theater fans, the Nibelungen Festival in Worms is an absolute must.

› Europe's oldest Jewish cemetery, the former Jewish Quarter with synagogue and Jewish Museum, Luther Monument- one of the largest Reformation monuments in the world, Nibelungen Museum, and the remains of the medieval city walls


Heidelberg Castle, which is one of Europe's most famous castles, majestically towers over the city. The city on the Neckar river stands out with its many attractions and typical atmosphere of a university town. The first German university was founded here in the 14th century. Its good reputation draws scientists from all over the world here.