Eselsburg - Burggarten Appartements


The 5-star wine tavern is our top recommendation! By simply looking at the menu, your mouth will start to water: here, you will find culinary treats such as chestnut-stuffed "Saumagen" with sauerkraut and fried potatoes, bratwurst spread with a fried egg, Eselsburg Weichkäse with onions cooked in Riesling, rump steak, and heavenly apple Flammkuchen flambéed with Calvados. The wine menu reads like a guide through Palatinate's top vintages: Sauvignon Blanc by Zeter, Müller Catoir Muscatel, Rebholz Riesling, and the legendary UK by Deinhard just to name a few. The service provided by Anette Berberich is charming, friendly, and pleasantly attentive, and the prices are excellent. A visit to the home of Palatinate-style humor and high-spirited hospitality is simply a great experience! Due to limited capacity, you should definitely make reservations.


Address: Neustadt an der Weinstraße (Mußbach), Kurpfalzstr. 62
Tel.: +49 6321 66984,

Distance by car: ca. 30 km. ca. 40 min.
Opening times: Tuesday to Saturday from 5:00 pm and upon arrangement, closed on Sunday and Monday. Winter break until January 5

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