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Sausage Glossary

Homemade sausage specialties in the Palatinate


In the Palatinate, everything revolves around sausage!

In the Palatinate, a lot has to do with tradition. The Palatinate sausage culture has its roots in the tradition of home slaughtering. Quality over quantity. There is a great respect for the product, and expert know-how is passed down from generation to generation. Here is a small taste of the sausages in the Palatinate:


It seems like this sausage would be associated with bread ("Brot" in German), but the dialect word "Brod" actually comes from "braten" (to fry). In contrast to normal bratwurst, Palatinate bratwurst is somewhat thicker. As the first step, it is simmered with boiling sauerkraut then fried to a golden brown in a pan.

Gedriggelt Brodworscht

Perfect to pack as a snack in your hiking backpack. This bratwurst is not cooked but air dried on long poles.


Palatinate liverwurst should not be too lean. You immediately recognize its typical hint of marjoram. Whether cold on bread or warm with potatoes, this specialty is popular beyond the region's borders for good reason.


It gets its name from the white chunks in it. This crackling gives the Palatinate blood sausage its typical appearance and its characteristic taste. Homemade Grieweworscht also comes in cans in the Palatinate.

Fläschknepp & Lewwerknepp

The "Knepp", Palatinate dumpling, basically consists celery, onions, rolls, and of course sausage. Whether with or without liver – they are not fried like meatballs. Knepp are boiled and eaten with broth.


The Palatinate specialty! Even though Saumagen comes in many variations typical of the region, the basics are always the same: coarsely or finely ground sausage stuffing mixed with potatoes and spices are stuffed in a pig's stomach according to traditional preparation. The Keschde Saumaache is a winter variation. With this, chestnuts are used instead of potatoes. Whether freshly boiled from the pot or fried in slices – the Palatinate Saumagen tastes simply delicious.

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Source: sausage glossary from the magazine "Weinland Pfalz 2017/2018" by Hendrik Haase -

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