Wine & Smoking Lounge - Burggarten Appartements

Wine and cigar lounge for connoisseurs


A fine wine. A smooth cigar.

The sun slowly sinks behind the horizon and covers the gently rolling vineyards with a golden gleam. The tranquility on the terrace above the nature reserve is wonderful. This peace and quiet is interrupted only by the chirping of birds. As you take a sip of probably the best Riesling, you will clearly feel it - the feeling that all is right with the world. Cheers to the beauty of nature!


The wine lounge in the stylish vaulted cellar

You can relax and enjoy life on more than just the terrace at the Burggarten Appartements. It wouldn't be the Palatinate if there wasn't a special place for wine enjoyment - a place like our vaulted cellar with its sensational view of the Rhine Valley. 

The arch was uncovered during our detailed renovation work. The rough sandstones create a special ambiance. If it is a little cool outside, the cozy fireplace creates a welcoming atmosphere. This spot is perfect for a wine tasting, and it is equipped for just that.

Whatever the Palatinate region has to offer in the way of delicious wines, you will find it among the carefully selected wines in the refrigerator in the wine lounge. Of course, we also offer a small selection of local schnapps and beers, such as the famous Mayers Pfalzstoff. Whenever you are in the mood for a particular wine, you can serve yourself anytime in the wine lounge, which is accessible with your room key. The motto in our wine lounge is self-service.


Outdoor cigar and cigarette lounge

So that you don't have to miss out on enjoying a cigar or cigarette, awaiting you across from our wine lounge is our open cigar lounge. Our own humidor offers an exquisite selection of cigars. We place great importance on local quality, and the cigars come from the Landau, Germersheim, and Speyer areas in the southern Palatinate region.

Rhineland-Palatinate wine country

Our recommendation for special wineries

We would like to especially recommend several wineries.

On your behalf, we have sampled wines and found the following wineries to be exceptionally good:

If you are interested in a wine tasting, we will arrange this for you anytime. We will also be happy to organize a wine tasting for you in other surrounding vineyards in Neuleiningen and on the German Wine Route.