Sustainability - Burggarten Appartements

Eco-friendly construction and management

For long-lasting hospitality

There are no coincidences. What will be, will be. This historically-protected house found us, and it needed us. We are convinced of this. 

We love things that have deep roots. This love for the historic automatically brings sustainable practices with it. In this sense, we have relied on sustainability whenever possible, especially during the construction and renovation phase. 

Regional architects and craftsmen

With Annette and Wolfgang Barthel, we chose a team of architects from Neuleiningen. The fact that they had lived in a historically-protected building for many years proved to be a great advantage. Their special know-how and their love for Neuleiningen and its old town walls were a wonderful asset during the entire planning and renovation stage. We also contracted regional handcraft businesses and craftsmen for all construction work.  

From renovation to rejuvenation

The historic sandstone and timber-framed walls were uncovered and harmoniously integrated into the new interior. Wherever possible, we reused existing materials such as wood and sandstone elements. For the wine lounge, we used the historic archway of an old mill from Kirchheim on the Wine Route. Wherever new building materials were necessary, we chose materials that were regional and natural. For example, our clay beaver tail tile comes from Eisenberg. For insulation, recycled cellulose was used. Local wood was used for the windows and doors, and on the ground floor and in the wine lounge, there is a natural stone floor made from oil shale. In addition, we used natural drywall and clay and lime plaster indoors and outdoors. The furniture is naturally oiled and not varnished. We didn't use any solvent-containing building materials. The woodwork on the ceiling beams was cleaned with eco-friendly dry ice blasting, and the window jambs were cleaned with sandblasting. 

High-quality, environmentally-conscious accommodations

Innovative burner technology supplies warm water and provides wall and floor heating.The use of Austrian stone pine wood guarantees ideal sleeping comfort. Soap, shampoo, shower gel, and body lotion - in the bathrooms, you will find fair trade guest supplies. When it comes to washing, we work together with regional laundry facilities, and of course, in the Burggarten Appartements, we use exclusively eco-friendly cleaning materials.