Erlebnislandschaft Erdekaut in Eisenberg - Burggarten Appartements

Erlebnislandschaft Erdekaut in Eisenberg

Until 1996, the Riegelstein mine in the former clay and sand mining area between Eisenberg and Hettenleidelheim was still in operation. A unique nature reserve then developed here. This eco-park has become home to rare plants and animals, whose protection and cultivation will ensure their survival. Signposted hiking paths, various viewing points, and adventure playgrounds make the history and unique nature of this landscape come alive. For a small fee, tours through the Erdekaut are offered.

For appointments and more information, Mr. Hutzenlaub, Eisenberg intercity collaborative, is available at Hauptstraße 86, 67304 Eisenberg, Tel.: +49 6351 407 440 or by e-mail

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